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  1. Love U better

  2. Your Body Your Mind 

  3. So Good, So Nice, So Bright 

  4. Stay Around 

  5. ‘99 

  6. Whenever You’re Ready 

  7. Skit 

  8. B.B.B. 

  9. Nobody But You 

  10. Spinning Around 

Produced by Boston Bun
Photography by Lucrecia Taormina

Creative direction by Luke Tiernsey and 
Lucrecia Taormina

Boston Bun

“There's A Nightclub Inside My Head”

Album produced by T. Noyer

Mastered by S. Wills (Wired Masters)

Artwork photography by L. Taormina

Released 23.04.2021

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Boston Bun is the French-born, London-based DJ/producer celebrated for his ‘French Touch’ house music. Having previously released music on the iconic Ed Banger Records label, the producer is firmly treading his own path. The release ‘Missing You’ marked his breakthrough in 2017. Boston has reworked massive tracks for the likes of Cassius, Disciples, Dombresky, Mark Ronson, Miley Cyrus, etc.